Trip to the zoo

Today, I skipped class again. I just did not want to go! I spent the class hours catching up on some sleep,if such a thing exists. I plan to do a bit of studying this weekend and therefore will spend less time on the PC. In a way, I’m already fed up of just coming online, everyone is either “offline” or “busy” or “away”, downloading endless amounts of songs and getting fed up of the song within an hour of listening to it.

After classes were over, as planned, my German classmate and friend came up to my room and asked me if I was still going to the Zoo. I barely had to answer her question as I was already dressed and waiting. We went with a classmate from Sierra Leone and another one from Ethopia. The rest who were supposed to tag along bailed out on us!

 Nevertheless, we had great fun trying to ask the zookeepers in “Mandarin” what some of the animals were called in Mandarin and it felt real good when they actually would answer us something other than “Shen me? (“What?”in Mandarin).

The zoo itself is quite spacious. There are a variety of animals, from the typical zoo animals (Tigers, Zebras, a Giraffe(lol), Baboons), to farm animals ( Turkeys, Cows..). I myself do not support zoos and stuff but I guess there is nothing I can do. As a result, I don’t mind paying 10RMB to visit the pitifull animals, in hope that the money I pay goes to feeding them.

After a cold day at the zoo, we parted ways with the two gentlemen and proceeded to McDonalds for some lunch we are (for now) more accustomed to.

I have bought some movies to watch over the weekend. Here, a pirated DVD of excellent picture quality, you can purchase for 6RMB.  I bought:



>50 YEARS OF BBC (Documentary)

>THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (Thriller i believe)

>THE JACKET (Suspense I think)


>EVOLUTION (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

>A JUST KISS (Romance)

>DRIVEN (Not too sure)


>THE WEATHER MAN (Not too sure)

>FLUBBER (Comedy)

I try not to have preferences when it comes to types of movies. I pick them based on who is in them usually! I do buy tonz of movies with budding actors as well. I guess I try to widen my knowledge about everything that way!

So with a predictable weekend up ahead, I think I’ll stick to myself and ponder about a studying strategy and get at it promptly as possible! 

The temperature, thanks to the winds is negative and the lake outside the dormitory already has a film of ice on it. I still have all my fingers!!


25/06/2018 Update: I’ve edited this blog entry to omit specific names. It’s interesting to read about the things I used to do and what I did (skipping classes!). Things I would have never bothered retrieving from memory had I not written about them. I never got round to watching all those movies. There are some I have yet to watch even!

“S’cuze me, can you please not step on that- it’s my ear!!!”

I went to Wal mart today. Wal mart is around “Times Square”. Yup, Changchun has a “Times Square” too and apparently they shot a couple of Asian movies around that area. I have no hard fact so for now I’ll stick to what I know. The temperature was around the same today-5 degrees celcius. Pleasant if you have the right gear on and unpleasant when the wind starts to blow. I walked the whole way to Wal mart with my Indonesian pal. We usually walk to Wal mart-good exercise. It’s about an hour’s walk but with a lot of talk, that’s reduced! On our way, cracking up our usual jokes (I think we are probably known around the area for being the only people who laugh on the streets), We felt our ears getting sore from the cold wind. My friend said her ears were getting “crispy” (We were laughing hysterically). I told her if she hears a cracking noise like the breaking of an ice chip and behind us a piece of some ice falling, to let me know!! I’m talking about my ears breaking off (for those of you who are a bit humourless)! As usual, there’s not much to do except in the “Tong zhi jie” area. In fact- my friend was the one who made that note. It’s all happening there!! A “happening place” I believe!! So especially for the gentlemen who wants to have a great time and make some dreams come true, drop by that area and fill me in on the gory details! Nah-I’m just kidding. There’s a lot to do here in Changchun city. It’s all out there if you want it, and it’s not if you don’t want it. For me, because of the language barriers I’m confronting, I’ll just stay home and be a good girl…for now?

Another one bites the dust

Today gave birth to something new in my life-the fear of the cold. I experienced this internal chill (physically) which quite frankly almost scared the hell out of me. With my unintentional self negligence, I do not see myself making it through to the end of winter.

Nevertheless, let’s face it- people always say “life is short” but the actual fact is it’s the longest thing we’ll ever have! So we are who we are and my being negligent towards myself could be due to destiny having it that I am to die this way…

Changchun is now renders us the definite indication that winter just around the corner, with it, my impending doom. Wish me luck!


25/06/18 Update: One of the earliest dated blogs I could retrieve. I started blogging around the time MSN spaces was a thing and everyone in your MSN messenger list could read your blogs and comment. I shared a lot of my posts to my friends but eventually, MSN spaces was discontinued.

It’s interesting how years later (2018) I am no longer a stranger to the cold. Time has flown since then and I have had the opportunities to live in many different countries and cities since then. I am grateful to be blessed but sad to have to live in a world where only some have such a thing called “privilege”.