Compulsory Education

Today, after playing a bit of truancy ( I missed class again).. my pal and neighbour told me that there would be a meeting for us international students. Besides, today being payday, I wanted to take advantage and get my cash from the office.

To our surprise, it wasn’t exactly a meeting, it was a opening ceremony.. something about compulsory education and unfortunately, I forgot my Phone in my room so I was unable to take a pic. A friend of mine took one and he said he will develop it and give it to me. It was a picture of the Director of Education Planning in my country! I got a shock when I saw his name on the list of guest speakers. I was proud that it was he who represented the whole international students’ delegation and he spoke good English. He spoke well enough for my pals to have commended him.  

Unfortunately, I was unable to say hello because the whole delegation disappeared right after the ceremony. My country is small and so is Changchun (compared to other more famous places in China). It’s funny how it all is! The conference ended at around 3pm and we planned to meet for dinner at 5.30pm. Before the dinner, my neighbour and Indonesian and Zimbabwean friends went to McDonalds. For them, it was lunch but for me it was breakfast! we bumped into Wang laoshi- our “speaking” teacher and I managed to beg her for a photo.

The foreign student’s office then organized a dinner for us, but unfortunately, most did not attend. It was only the new batch of students and only one from last years batch who attended the dinner. Nevertheless it was fun!

Today it was -19 to -11 degrees…

Finally, Once Again!

So!! Finally once again, my PC seems to be working. Luckily for me, my Gabonese friend and his friend (from the nearby University)  has managed to sort out my VERY serious PC problems…

Snow has arrived here in Changchun. I managed to take some pictures with my new mobile. I also made some short videos but they aren’t so clear. It’s funny. Now that it’s snowing, the temperature has decreased. I guess with the moisture comes heat.. but nevertheless it’s still freezing cold but nothing stop my Indonesian friend and I from eating some ice cream! It was a great-tasting one too, for only 1RMB. Changchun has it’s down but this is truly heaven for me sometimes!!

PC Problems

What can I say? I spent this whole weekend frustrated. It started on Thursday in fact when my PC started restarting on its own. I ended up wanting to reformat this thing when somehow, I didn’t even know how to manage that. Sis said that she could help me out if it were Windows XP not the later version I have which is Windows XP SP2. Anyway, the poor kid tried all she could but has left me high and dry coz she says I’m thick in the head. Guess I’m not very good in listening to instructions. I’m too used to figuring things on my own.

I am presently downloading Norton Antivirus 2005 (Thanks to Sis) and we’ll see how it goes. 

I decided to uninstall my “rising 2005” antivirus because I felt it might have been the reason why my “ewido” wasn’t as efficient as it was when it was initially installed. Now, finally my PC (for now) can actually work on normal mode. Before that, safe mode was all it could manage to work on… oh and it was Sis who had to tell me to put it on safe mode!!

I guess it’s true that PCs are the cause of many people’s frustrations but for me, I think I found this weekend to be hell, because I was learning so much more than I could handle (or so I thought). In a few more months I’ll probably end up being one of those PC geeks too… with a little time…

Keep you guys posted on that…

The past week was great though. My Indonesian and German friends entered the Ping-Pong competition this past Thursday. My Indonesian friend won 4th place and got herself a pricey head sock and scarf. My German friend won 2nd place and got herself and even more pricey prize- a pair of converse shoes. I was so proud of them!! CONGRATULATIONS LADIES!!

This past Saturday, I treated my Indonesian friend, Mongolian friend and the class teacher for a slap up meal at “Papa’s”.. The food there is excellent (in my opinion) and it’s a classy joint. The whole thing was worth it seeing that everyone enjoyed their meal!! In US dollars, the whole meal costed around 20 bucks!!! YUMMY!! Here in Changchun, eating in restaurants I think is the only thing friends can do on a Saturday afternoon aside from shopping.. could be wrong about that but the CHINESE LOVE TO EAT!!!

Winter Holidays

It was  0 degrees Celsius and below today. My Indonesian friend and I went to do some shopping nearby. I had to buy a new pair of gloves because the ones I bought before were pretty thin, this one has fur in it and should keep my hands warmer. My poor hands have been suffering from frostbite ever since last month but are much better now.

I ate some tofu for dinner with some hot and sour soup. I’m trying to keep my diet healthy and vegetarian. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible considering that most food here is wrapped in characters. I hope in time I sort myself out.

Today I was thinking of what the Uni is planning for us foreign students. On January we are to go visit the ice festival in Harbin. Harbin is a little further North of here, an approximate 3 hour bus ride. We are supposed to go for 2-3 days and nights!! Can’t wait. In pictures, the ice festival looks like the bomb, plus being foreigners, the administrators seem to just spoil us so I’m sure boozing up would be part of the schedule!!!

Burnt rice

I was awoken today by a pal from Gabon.. He and his friend from the nearby University were the ones who helped me out to buy this PC. Today, they went off to buy a PC with someone else.

At around 9.30, this friend of mine passed by and told me he was feeling unwell, morally more than anything else. I would say it was a simple hangover from too much partying last night but some people would not admit it even to themselves. He asked me if he could eat dinner that I make for myself because he will not have time to prepare anything. Buying a PC takes a whole day here. I would know.

Not to be rude and because I’ve eaten his food before, I agreed to prepare dinner. Here, the room are bedrooms and a bathroom but there’s no kitchen. Some people buy rice cookers to cook their food but for me, for hygienic reasons and smell of food-I don’t have one. What I do have is a small, kind of rice cooker thing which my Indonesian friend convinced me to buy so that when I have to heat up or steam something, it would be useful.

That small rice cooker thing I have is mainly for noodles here. I dumped rice in there today and burnt the whole damn thing. What a mess, but it’ll do. That will make everyone think twice about asking me to cook again!

I sent MSN an email in their MSN spaces, telling them off about having people beg to be invited to use the MSN Messenger Live thing. I did that last night.

Off to eat some bran dough…veggy meat for me! And perhaps watch a movie…