1st term EXAMS are OVER!!!

Yippee!!! Exams are finally over and holidays have begun. I so far know 2 results. 81 for hanyu and 82 for kouyu… I’m ok with that of course. In some instances it’s nice to know I did well enough but I also am disappointed that I got points I do not deserve. I deserved to fail this semester, not having opened a book. When I did, it was for a maximum of 10 minutes. But I suppose when I attended classes (until I started bailing during the last few weeks), i did listen attentively and that certainly paid off!

Nevertheless the exams were relatively easy. I think it’s time to forget these exams and draw more attention to next semester. I believe the teachers will be less lenient because during the first term, we are given the chance to accommodate ourselves to China and everything else new. Second term should be less merciful.

Sad to say I heard that when it comes to foreigners, teachers are very lenient with us. Why? Not because they are considerate towards the fact that Mandarin is new to us, nor to the possibility that they think we aren’t capable of learning everything they give us even better than the local students… I think maybe the teachers don’t care for our learning, as much as they care for their jobs.

To teach Chinese to foreigners is a privilege in so many ways and China has a wealthy workforce. So much so, unemployment is on the rise, especially for the educated people (Skilled labour). Where unemployment is high, so is competition for jobs and when it comes to teaching Mandarin to the growing numbers of foreigners coming here and wanting to learn Chinese, only the best teachers are wanted. One complaint, bad grades from a student, already puts the teacher in question.

Being in a relatively good mood today, I wish to say that despite a few points I feel my teachers could work on, I am glad they have opened themselves to accept advice. With the advice we give, they decide on whether to implement it, or shove it in the bin. But they are great teacher with a lot of ability, a lot of potential. They also have the eagerness to learn more about each one of our culture, the way I am just as eager to learn about theirs. Fortunately, I am in China and therefore I can form my own opinions about everything! Something I’ve been noticing lately though would be that aside from food, traditional dances, music, appearances… we are more alike than we think. There are all sorts of people that make up one country. Not just the ones we meet… for all those who this could apply to: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!! 

2006, a fresh new start

My year begins, every January 16, when Sis and I celebrate our birthdays. I see it as a good opportunity to ensure my new year resolutions that I prepare for from the 1st of January to the 15th, are effected. This year, I will turn 23. I know in a few years from now, when I read back the pages of my blogs, I’ll realize that 23 is such a young age, but at this present moment, it’s growth either way and I have decided to make one painful promise to myself. A promise to keep my word.

Somewhere between ages 17 and 22, I’ve lost a lot of personal values. One of them is the ability to write great articles without thinking too hard, and the other, the ability to keep a promise to myself. I find it easy and feel no guilt, breaking promises made to anyone, but a promise made to myself (and to Sis of course), once broken- it hurts. It feels as though I failed the only person (people) I can trust in this world.  

The exams are almost over. So far, I know only one result of mine… “kouyu” also known as “speaking” exam. I managed to get an 81, which could be a B in China (not too sure) but it’s an A back where I am from. Safe to say it wasn’t a difficult exam. Something I do not even come close to deserving. Still, I’m glad for two things. One, I barely opened a book to study this term (I’m sure that will reflect on my “Chinese/Hanyu” paper), and two, I refused to cheat in the exam. Yes people, let it be known that the teachers who pleaded for us to study during the entire semester, were the ones who offered us the answers in the exam. Funny enough, some nerds (no offence guys!!ha!ha!) who studied like mad, those who preach about religion, still had the audacity to cheat! And I’m talking about a scholarship class!! 

I see my personal God as a being who makes me realize my own mistakes. Just like the things I wrote up there. I know I’m wrong to judge others. But sometimes, we all want to be heard. No matter how stupid we might sound. Oh well! 

Keeping my fingers crossed that I at least pass my other exams… after not studying, I want to be the one to tell the teachers who told me to study “I told you so”… lol! Just kidding! First term’s nothing like second term guys! Plan to spend my vacation studying, if I live up to my word!


Before the end of the year 2005

Well guys- this is it. Time to write my last blog for this year. Wow!! I’ve made so many new and great friends this year. Friends I believe who all form part of the little factors that shape me, making who I am today, who will make me who I will be tomorrow. What will I do with all of you eh? Not to mention the steeple of my life- my family. The real people who will always be there for you and never expect anything in return.

Sad to say, there are only 6 of us, but for me, that’s more than enough. When everyone else has to look all directions for help, I only have to look one direction, and get all the help I need. When I think back of the significant things in my life this past year, all the ups and downs, it’s my family. We’re all so professional with each other aren’t we? But aside from all that, I couldn’t have it any other way and when people wonder how my mother managed with 5 children all alone, I think of two things. Number one, my mother isn’t the best mother in the world, but I think she’s the best mother for the children she made. Number two, I think we’re probably the best kids in the world (haha), because despite complaining about so many things growing up, we’ve never complained about the things other kids would have complained about. We’ve all been very responsible in so many ways and have always been supportive of each other.

So- God has been too kind to me. Maybe because I refuse to see what I do not have and appreciate the little things I have, but for me, my little is a lot and every new year, me being a very paranoid person, I always fear that 2006 could be a year where I lose something or someone, in my very short list of priceless “items” in life. I am one who tries to appreciate everyone as though there is no tomorrow, but still, it’s difficult. Sometimes, when you please one, another one gets upset…

Well, life is too short and so was my trip to the beautiful ice city of HAERBIN…. wow wow wow. I am suffering from the flu but I refused to stay in bed! No regrets! Harbin was damn cold and taking pictures was a nightmare because me gloves were thick so I had to remove them to take the pictures! I was under-dressed as well and the saddest bit was that as much as I tried to conserve phone battery, it did not last at night when we went to see the “Bing deng”… the neon lights fixed inside ice blocks. I took some pictures from a pal’s camera so when we get it developed, I’ll see what I can do to have you guys see them!

Exam preps

It’s time, once again to prepare myself for the exams. I hate exams. I hate them because they pass as proof of whether you are good in something or not. I hate them because exams don’t care whether you are nervous and therefore suffer a mind block… and I hate them coz you spend endless hours preparing for them, and sometimes end up screwing up anyway.

 I missed classes again. I only attended Monday and one class on Wednesday. I don’t know whether I’m feeling extremely stressed and therefore unproductive, or just extremely lazy and breaking from that habit is this hell I’m going through.

I’m off to put myself in punishment but doing 50 crunches. I think I have to either way if I’m gonna wear what I plan to for the party on the 21st of this month. The party will be organized by the foreign student’s office, for the foreign students. It’s a christmas party actually. On the 30th, the foreign students are going on a trip to Harbin to visit the annual ice festival. I believe It begins around the 26th of December every year. There are pictures all over the internet but I intend to take pictures myself. That is if my camera phone survives the -30 degrees celsius and less. I hope my hands survive it too!

Smoking and eating fat

These past few days, I’ve been smoking an entire box of fags per day. I really can’t believe how far I’ve gone in this area but I guess Sis was right. Here’s I’d be smoking hell much more! So Sis- go ahead and say “I fucking told you so!”

I have increased my studying time to a minimum of 3 hours a day. It’s not really to ace my exams- it’s to merely pass it!! That’s how much I’ve not been studying!!

Tomorrow, I intend to take some pics. I’ve completely forgotten to take some and have been missing class far too often. I think I’ll just change my subject major next year and request to do English… At least that way- i wont die! Ahaha! How boring English is though!

So I’m off to do some studying now. Try to “download” some characters into my extra full brain!