Turning the Tide

My last blog was a whole year ago. My situation wasn’t too good back then but I’ve managed to turn things around rather quickly. Read my previous blog here: Looming Unemployment and PhD Scholarship Results

Last year, I quit my government job. It was not really because I felt unhappy or anything, I just felt quite empty. It was a relatively good job and it was far from boring. Lots of travel, lots of opportunities to meet people, I didn’t feel I wanted to be there anymore- whether I secured the scholarship or not. I took a risk and paid the price for the first few months.

I did not hear from the scholarship council I had applied for. I found this to be very bizarre and I have no way of knowing what happened but a part of me feels that the government might have interfered. I don’t know. The bottom line is that I didn’t hear from them and ended up having to stay here. I tried consultancies but this is very tough work… from having to look for work, applying for work and doing the work. I didn’t make much money from consulting. Clients either did not want the service I offered or wanted more than I could offer. On my side, I didn’t feel the money was worth the time it required which is every single waking moment. If you get a gig, it pays well… the world of “feast or famine” as they call it. Too much work for intelligent people.

During the festive season, I met with an old boss and family friend. He told me he wanted me to come work for him. After the festive season, I agreed to meet with him and agreed on a 3 month consultancy with him. I liked the work and decided to stay on. My take home pay is quite better than my previous job and the perks help as well so I am generally doing better than I was last year in terms of salary and perks. Travelling has gone from approximately a monthly affair to nil but I have grown to dislike travelling for work so this works out for me at this point in time.


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