Happy Almost Half New Year 2019

It’s been well over 2 months since I last blogged and lately, I’ve been feeling the need to take a step back and invest time in recalibrating. This would be a time for me to try to address issues I’m not too happy with about myself and of course, I feel I need to work harder on being better.

I’ve been confirmed to my new post- a post I created at work under a unit I am creating. I basically could have chosen an easier route of doing anything else but I chose the ambitious route of trying to fix issues within the company. I’m stupid.

I’ve been quite annoyed with myself lately. I’ve been giving in to negative behavior and I need to nip this now. I’ve been asked out by a colleague and I’ve managed to keep that in check but mainly because I’m just too busy checking someone else out. It’s one of those things that I will never have the guts to pursue anyway so why bother?! I’ve decided to stop the BS and be very proactive in avoiding this person at work no matter what the cost, and avoid any temptation to stalk them on social media. Generally, it’s easy for me to not stalk someone on social media anyway but WhatsApp has also been quite tempting. As a result, I’ve activated my focused app to block WhatsApp during most hours of the day and night.

I also haven’t started exercising nor have I started drinking more water. I’m just so unhealthy and my room reflects the status of my mind right now- mess! I haven’t read a proper book all year and I just feel I need to avoid people for a bit… Maybe ban myself from socializing for a month just to reset!

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