Unproductive Days but New Week Resolutions!

Weekend, Gone Like the Wind 

A very unproductive weekend indeed. On Friday afternoon after a brief meeting at work, I had a headache. You know, one of those types that make you feel sleepy? I tried meditating it away (I found some guided meditation videos on YouTube) but it didn’t work. On Saturday (yesterday), I had to go get my back, left-hand tyre fixed. Last week it was the front one on the same side. I have no idea how they both  got punctured but the front one would deflate in day and the back one in a few days. I went to one of the closest places where they offer Western Union services to transfer money to my sister but they told me that they were not offering the service that day. Western Union in their branch had been down for most of the week and when I went there on Friday, there was just too many people during my lunch hour. I didn’t want to take more than that because I had a meeting to prepare for. I then went to bring my mother to the hospital to visit the husband of my mother’s aunt. Today, heavy rain really put a damper on everything.

Week Resolutions

Every Monday might be a great time to start with fresh resolutions. For this week, I really want to try to sleep better. It’s already 10 minutes to 1am so I guess I’ll have to start tomorrow. I normally iron my week’s worth of clothes on Sundays but I won’t have time today so I guess I’ll have to leave the rest for tomorrow evening. I also want to exercise this week (I like HIIT… Jillian Michaels’ “30 day shred” is great to start with). I also want to make sure I’m drinking enough water. Okay so that’s 3 resolutions for this week:

  1. Sleep by 11pm latest (at least 7 hours sleep)
  2. Exercise ( like exercise at 4am in the morning but sadly, if I wake up at 4 tomorrow, I’d have had very little sleep! I’ll see how this goes day after.
  3. Drink sufficient water!

On top of all this, my sister and I have started dieting. My tactic is to calorie-count and exercise of course. The aim is to reach our goal weights by the end of June 2019.

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