Can I Recognise Happiness for 100 Days? Hmmm…


The internet at the office isn’t working. I’ve been feeling a little edgy lately. I am aware of this and trying to control my temper. Because there’s a latent perfectionist within me, I try to recognise this and control her. She begins to manifest when things don’t go according to plan. When one works from home and controls many things, many things can go one’s way but this isn’t the case in an office environment. What can I do? Be patient. Being patient is certainly not my strong point but I should work on that! In terms of what I can do, that’s the only option I have, other than throwing a tantrum which will reflect poorly on me- especially since I am new, have no authority at this point (and the IT people clearly know this, of they would be rushing to help me with my internet). I guess similar to many millennials, when the internet is down, so am I!

#100HappyDays Challenge

Remember a few years ago, there was a challenge going around called the “100 Happy Days” challenge?

I tried the challenge twice and failed miserably. I think I reached 17 days the first time, and 3 days the second time. According to the website, 71% of those who tried this challenge, failed. I am one of them, twice over! Should I try again?

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