Job 3, Day 1

Got up at 5.40am to feed the lost dog outside our property. He refused food and water though and instead, led me to the gate. When I opened it, he left! I’m under the impression that he was afraid of the cars passing by yesterday and since there weren’t many this morning, the roads were less threatening.

I posted this online in a Facebook group and people were quite supportive. A reminder that everyone is a potential resource and you don’t want to burn Bridges where you shouldn’t i.e. everywhere.

My cold is a tad bit better it seems but I’m not taking any chances. I’m drinking “Indian Borage” infusions to drive away the cold and it’s the most effective thing I’ve tried to counter cough and phlegm. You pull out some leaves with stems (have them at my place), wash them and leave them in freshly boiled water for a few mins. Then you drink!

This new job I am starting today is going to be my 3rd. It’s a rotation and I don’t have a post title yet (consultant is being used), but this is my 3rd organization/ company. I’m excited but also apprehensive about the new colleagues, new office culture. This might be the first one that will have a lot more English though because to my knowledge there are a lot of expats- skilled and unskilled.

My cold isn’t helping but I have no plans to allow this to affect my work. I don’t expect to need to be 100% (even if one should always be at 100%) but I will give it 100% of my abilities, even if my 100% today might not be the same as next week!

I begin my job aware of a few of my weaknesses. 1. Punctuality: I managed to control this a bit when I started going to work at 7am to beat the morning traffic. Because I don’t know where I will be going today and don’t want to end up being at work earlier than all the staff, I will leave my place at around 7.20am. I don’t expect that there will be much traffic towards my new office because it’s away from town but there will be traffic leaving my place and the road from my place.

Wish me luck!

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