Not my Problem?

I’ve been meaning to post because there’s been so many things on my mind lately. I usually have many things on my mind but I’ve been yearning to write them down these past few weeks. I’ll break them down into multiple posts.

A few experiences have made me realize a few things lately and I want to pen them down. The first has to do with a realization about what I believe to be true about my parents. I don’t know much about my father but the fact that he’s managed to make 5 kids not his problem has made me conclude that if he can completely pretend his problems don’t exist, he would.

I know my mother a lot more, having grown up with her but I realize that if I have a personal problem, she usually stresses about it and wants to help. However, if there is a problem e.g. animal dumped outside her house not her problem. This exact unfortunate issue happened today where a dog with a collar and seemingly completely lost, has ended up on her property. She wants him gone but wants me to shoo him away. I told her I can’t do it and have asked for tonight at least to post about the dog on social media. Here is to hoping someone contacts me on either the owner or a temp shelter because I wouldn’t put it past my mother to dump the poor dog somewhere while I am at work. I guess some people are so stressed they don’t want to take up anyone else’s? And some people care so much it is important for them to always do something?

That being said, tomorrow is the beginning of my new job. Check out my next entry!

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