New Job and Career Change?

I don’t know if you can call it a “career change” or eventually I might find out that it is relevant to my work in development after all but people- goodbye development (for now).

On December, I bumped into my former boss who told me that he hears I’m doing consulting but “forget that, come work for me”. I didn’t want to say no to something I didn’t know I was saying no to so I scheduled a meeting with him and like the work. I’ve always been interested in getting into business but on the side. Why not make it a job and learn something? I know I will learn a lot and it could potentially help me in my own business in the future.

My PhD dreams have been put on pause. For now, I’ve lost interest in it (so quickly) and believe not getting the scholarship last year was perhaps a good thing. I clearly need to figure out a few things.

During my interview, I was asked what I wanted to do. I know I lost brownie points saying “I’m not sure”, but I had to be honest. I want to rotate around the companies and figure it out and I’m glad that he agreed to give me that opportunity. I start tomorrow and I hope by the end of the 3 months probation, I know exactly where and what I want to do.

Am I apprehensive? Absolutely. I’m not trained is business. But I am confident that I will figure things out.

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