MoM- Consulting 101: Payments don’t come easy

In my last entry, I was to have 2 meetings. I met with those potential clients, but sadly, they are yet to revert. No one has ever given me a “no” but I guess in this business, people are more likely to never get back to you. Well, I am not good at apologizing, telling people “sorry, it ain’t happening” but I think this is best practice and needs to be done. That’s what you would want.

It’s my 3rd, going on my 4th month of consulting. So far, I have already done some work and applied to much more than I can count. Some of which, I have applied as an individual consultant and others where I was referred to a bidding team or someone remembered me and contacted me… The only work I have managed to secure were from clients I already knew. Unfortunately, I have many potential clients but none that I have acquired.

That being said, I am still waiting to be paid by all the clients. I know from many other friends who are consultants that payment is a bitch. The delays are in sane. In my case, I would not be in this predicament, had things gone according to plan.

When I left government a few months ago, I had expected to be paid my dues. This would have been equivalent to 4-5 months salary. Instead, they contacted me telling me they aren’t giving me a cent because I left prematurely and it is I who owes them. I was on a contract and I breached the contract.

I won’t go into details of why I left knowing I was on a contract etc. I just want to mention that the contract I signed, was not 100% that of the one they had a copy of. In other words, from the second I signed that contract to the second all parties received it endorsed by the registrar, the first page was different. The keepers of the contract have yet to meet me. They have been organizing meetings but keep on cancelling.

So anyway, at this point in time, I have been one retainer. Another potential client asked me about retainers and I said I wasn’t offering them yet. Retainers are great for the dry times but some work have very tight deadlines and and if I agree to be on a retainer for 5 days for 2 clients, I will only have 10 days for big consultancy work.

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