Looming Unemployment and PhD Scholarship Results

Good evening friends! It’s been insane these last few weeks. I’ve gone off the pill after one year of taking it and I’ve been having weird side-effects. For now, it’s mainly the fact that I’ve been bleeding for just about 3 weeks now and have a rash on my left breast. I’ve not had them checked yet because I read that when you get off the pill, your body goes out of whack (which is why I got on them in the first place).

Perhaps another positive (maybe) side-effect if you can call it that, is that my libido is back… Not completely and on average it is still low compared to many people but ever since I got on the pill, I’ve had no interest in anyone and orgasms seem to be weak. I’m giving this another week and then I’m going to get checked before I start looking like a vampire!

On to less serious stuff… I’ve resigned and my last day is this week! I’ve taken a risk for once in my life, to give up my job for nothing concrete but I felt it was time. I’m waiting for scholarship results that should have been out by now and waiting on a few consultancies… One offer in particular. Basically, it’s one of those jobs where if the team who submitted their application (and mine as part of the team) gets it, then I get it. Otherwise, no can do. I’ve also been asked to send my CV out to a regional organization but I haven’t had the chance and I think it is better if I do after I leave the office for good.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep you updated on what happens with the whole scholarship thing. The Masters list is out already but PhD names aren’t out yet!

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