If you’ve been following my blog, you might have read my writing about my mother’s best friend who was diagnosed with over an cancer 3 weeks ago. The doctor’s gave her 3 months and she barely had 3 weeks. She’s gone.

This morning the lady’s kids called my mother who went rushing to the hospital. They said she was dying. My mother returned saying that the lady was “stable”. Something to note, we were told that the kids had never told her she was dying and she eventually never knew (supposedly). We don’t understand why the doctor did not tell her first and to make it her choice to tell the kids but she was (supposedly) of sound mind and the first week, she was (again, supposedly) telling her visitors at the hospital that it was just a cyst and she was going to be fine.

My younger brother had accompanied my mother and told me that compared to previous days, her breathing today in particular was rather laboured.

A little past 5 pm when we went to drop my neice at my older brother’s place, my sister and I remained in the car and my mother went it to drop my neice. My younger brother called me (he had been trying to reach my mother), telling me that the lady passed away.

My mother came back into the car smiling about something and I had the misfortune of breaking the news to her. I told her that my younger brother had been trying to reach her like crazy and then my mother said “don’t tell me…”.

So there it is. A battle we thought would have lasted 3 months never even started. I think we are still in shock. At this point, we just want to be there for the kids (all are adults now). She was 58 years old.



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