Be Human

My boss said something this morning that really resonates with me and I would like to share it, in hopes that maybe it allows us all to appreciate others more.

My mother is retired and earns a disability allowance from government. She has her house but of course, on the money she earns and to fix an old house, it is tedious, disheartening work- typically the type of house where you fix one thing and something else breaks, and the cycle never ends.

My siblings and I do support my mother when and where we can but we each have our own responsibilities and expenses. We live in a country where life is hard for most people and none of us are involved in corruption so life is extra tough!

Anyway, my boss advised my colleagues and I today, to ensure that when we carry out site visits in people’s homes (I do not go to homes etc. but some officers do), to not judge people, do not laugh at what we see, do not look down at people, because what we might see as garbage- an old toy, a broken fence etc. might mean the world to them, it might have taken them ages to purchase… respect everyone and everything in people’s homes.

We know this. Do we practice it? A good reminder I think… to be human.

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