Trip to the zoo

Today, I skipped class again. I just did not want to go! I spent the class hours catching up on some sleep,if such a thing exists. I plan to do a bit of studying this weekend and therefore will spend less time on the PC. In a way, I’m already fed up of just coming online, everyone is either “offline” or “busy” or “away”, downloading endless amounts of songs and getting fed up of the song within an hour of listening to it.

After classes were over, as planned, my German classmate and friend came up to my room and asked me if I was still going to the Zoo. I barely had to answer her question as I was already dressed and waiting. We went with a classmate from Sierra Leone and another one from Ethopia. The rest who were supposed to tag along bailed out on us!

 Nevertheless, we had great fun trying to ask the zookeepers in “Mandarin” what some of the animals were called in Mandarin and it felt real good when they actually would answer us something other than “Shen me? (“What?”in Mandarin).

The zoo itself is quite spacious. There are a variety of animals, from the typical zoo animals (Tigers, Zebras, a Giraffe(lol), Baboons), to farm animals ( Turkeys, Cows..). I myself do not support zoos and stuff but I guess there is nothing I can do. As a result, I don’t mind paying 10RMB to visit the pitifull animals, in hope that the money I pay goes to feeding them.

After a cold day at the zoo, we parted ways with the two gentlemen and proceeded to McDonalds for some lunch we are (for now) more accustomed to.

I have bought some movies to watch over the weekend. Here, a pirated DVD of excellent picture quality, you can purchase for 6RMB.  I bought:



>50 YEARS OF BBC (Documentary)

>THE DEVIL’S REJECTS (Thriller i believe)

>THE JACKET (Suspense I think)


>EVOLUTION (Comedy/Sci-Fi)

>A JUST KISS (Romance)

>DRIVEN (Not too sure)


>THE WEATHER MAN (Not too sure)

>FLUBBER (Comedy)

I try not to have preferences when it comes to types of movies. I pick them based on who is in them usually! I do buy tonz of movies with budding actors as well. I guess I try to widen my knowledge about everything that way!

So with a predictable weekend up ahead, I think I’ll stick to myself and ponder about a studying strategy and get at it promptly as possible! 

The temperature, thanks to the winds is negative and the lake outside the dormitory already has a film of ice on it. I still have all my fingers!!


25/06/2018 Update: I’ve edited this blog entry to omit specific names. It’s interesting to read about the things I used to do and what I did (skipping classes!). Things I would have never bothered retrieving from memory had I not written about them. I never got round to watching all those movies. There are some I have yet to watch even!

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