“S’cuze me, can you please not step on that- it’s my ear!!!”

I went to Wal mart today. Wal mart is around “Times Square”. Yup, Changchun has a “Times Square” too and apparently they shot a couple of Asian movies around that area. I have no hard fact so for now I’ll stick to what I know. The temperature was around the same today-5 degrees celcius. Pleasant if you have the right gear on and unpleasant when the wind starts to blow. I walked the whole way to Wal mart with my Indonesian pal. We usually walk to Wal mart-good exercise. It’s about an hour’s walk but with a lot of talk, that’s reduced! On our way, cracking up our usual jokes (I think we are probably known around the area for being the only people who laugh on the streets), We felt our ears getting sore from the cold wind. My friend said her ears were getting “crispy” (We were laughing hysterically). I told her if she hears a cracking noise like the breaking of an ice chip and behind us a piece of some ice falling, to let me know!! I’m talking about my ears breaking off (for those of you who are a bit humourless)! As usual, there’s not much to do except in the “Tong zhi jie” area. In fact- my friend was the one who made that note. It’s all happening there!! A “happening place” I believe!! So especially for the gentlemen who wants to have a great time and make some dreams come true, drop by that area and fill me in on the gory details! Nah-I’m just kidding. There’s a lot to do here in Changchun city. It’s all out there if you want it, and it’s not if you don’t want it. For me, because of the language barriers I’m confronting, I’ll just stay home and be a good girl…for now?

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