Another one bites the dust

Today gave birth to something new in my life-the fear of the cold. I experienced this internal chill (physically) which quite frankly almost scared the hell out of me. With my unintentional self negligence, I do not see myself making it through to the end of winter.

Nevertheless, let’s face it- people always say “life is short” but the actual fact is it’s the longest thing we’ll ever have! So we are who we are and my being negligent towards myself could be due to destiny having it that I am to die this way…

Changchun is now renders us the definite indication that winter just around the corner, with it, my impending doom. Wish me luck!


25/06/18 Update: One of the earliest dated blogs I could retrieve. I started blogging around the time MSN spaces was a thing and everyone in your MSN messenger list could read your blogs and comment. I shared a lot of my posts to my friends but eventually, MSN spaces was discontinued.

It’s interesting how years later (2018) I am no longer a stranger to the cold. Time has flown since then and I have had the opportunities to live in many different countries and cities since then. I am grateful to be blessed but sad to have to live in a world where only some have such a thing called “privilege”.

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